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A Candidate’s Guide to Getting the Best Offer

Partnering with the Right Recruiter

Relationships matter – it’s a motto that consistently follows the everchanging insurance industry.  Your relationships with your clients continually earn repeat business and strengthen your credibility.

Just like the insurance business, relationships are an integral factor in your job search. Connecting with a recruiter who listens, understands what’s important to you, and works on your behalf to find the right opportunity is vital!

Partnering with McDermottWolfe will help you by aligning with an experienced career consultant who is entrenched in the California market. We have your best interest in mind as we leverage our relationships to position you in front of some of the hottest local jobs at high-caliber agencies!

Professionally Prepare for Your Interview

If you’re presenting a new business/renewal business proposal to a client, it’s ever so important that you do your homework. When preparing, it’s a good idea to present trends, data, and industry insight. These are always great assets to accompany alongside your competitive quotes!

Laying the right groundwork for your job interview is identical and will help set you apart from the competition! McDermottWolfe constantly gets positive feedback from hiring managers when they meet candidates well-prepared for interviews.

Here are some great tips to show professionalism, build a great connection, and leave the hiring team with a lasting impression:

  • Read the agency’s website
  • Study the agency’s LinkedIn and social media presence
  • See if you have any connections whom currently work for the agency
  • Research the hiring team’s background
  • Emphasize your soft skills during the interview
    • Smile and give a firm handshake
    • Show enthusiasm
    • Provide clear and articulate answers to questions
    • Express interest in the position
    • Thank the hiring team for their time
  • Send a nice “thank you” email after your interview

McDermottWolfe credits strong interviews to the foundation leading up to the meeting. It’s a smart idea to bring a notebook with you to reference notes during the interview. This will emphasize your preparedness, professionalism, and it will show the hiring team that you’re serious about the job! Some great things to write down include:

  • Your greatest strengths
  • Areas that which you want to improve
  • Details on the accounts you service
  • Your greatest accomplishments
  • Responses to situational questions –
    • Difficult situations with clients or co-workers
    • Going above and beyond for clients
    • Professional mistakes and how you corrected
    • Met a tight deadline
    • How/Where you showed initiative
    • Adapted to change

Having answers to these types of questions will help you stand out from other candidates and really “WOW!” the hiring team! Your recruiter at the McDermott Wolfe Group will prepare you to interview with confidence!

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McDermottWolfe team at Insurance Search Specialists are driven by delivering clients and candidates with outstanding results. Our commitment to your search emphasizes trust and creating lasting partnerships. Helping companies and candidates alike succeed proves this relationship-driven industry will continue to evolve by providing lasting value. With our nearly 50-years of combined insurance brokerage staffing expertise, we continue to be passionate about insurance, recruiting, and helping you.