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Insurance Industry Insights to Stay On Top of Your Game

Elevating Your Career: The Benefits of Obtaining Insurance Designations

Elevating Your Career with Professional Insurance Designations As a commercial insurance professional, obtaining a professional insurance designation can bring numerous benefits to your career. These designations showcase your level of expertise and commitment to the industry, setting you apart in a competitive job market. From increased credibility to opportunities for career advancement and access to…

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Video Interviews: How to Look and Sound Your Best

Are you preparing for a Zoom or Microsoft Teams job interview? With some preparation, you can ace your virtual interview and land your dream job. Test your equipment: Make sure your camera, microphone, and internet connection are all working properly before your interview. You don’t want any technical issues to get in the way of…

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Handshake Professionals

A Candidate’s Guide to Getting the Best Offer

Partnering with the Right Recruiter Relationships matter – it’s a motto that consistently follows the everchanging insurance industry.  Your relationships with your clients continually earn repeat business and strengthen your credibility. Just like the insurance business, relationships are an integral factor in your job search. Connecting with a recruiter who listens, understands what’s important to…

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California Hottest Market Blog

California Insurance Recruiting: The Hottest Market We’ve Ever Seen!

Things are Heating Up in California… It’s no surprise that the insurance industry follows a similar trajectory to that of the U.S. economy. Nationwide, the economy is adding jobs and the insurance brokerage (retail and wholesale) industry needs exceptional, high-caliber insurance talent. McDermottWolfe, an independent insurance recruiting firm based in California that specializes in the…

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