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California Insurance Recruiting: The Hottest Market We’ve Ever Seen!

Things are Heating Up in California…

It’s no surprise that the insurance industry follows a similar trajectory to that of the U.S. economy. Nationwide, the economy is adding jobs and the insurance brokerage (retail and wholesale) industry needs exceptional, high-caliber insurance talent.

McDermottWolfe, an independent insurance recruiting firm based in California that specializes in the brokerage sector is seeing demand for talent all over California and in all three broker divisions including commercial lines, personal lines, and employee benefits.  It’s a great time for experienced insurance professionals who are looking for the next move in their career and for those newly licensed candidates looking for their first position.

The recruiters at McDermottWolfe have been in the insurance industry for over 30 years and the first quarter of 2018 has been very robust.  Our firm’s success can be attributed to:

  • Great clients – these are the smart and forward-thinking insurance firms who have been growing year after year
  • Sharp and savvy candidates – these candidates know how to prepare and impress; these are the candidates whom understand their clients and can articulate how they “wow!” them with their service and knowledge
  • A strong economy that supports the need of hiring additional talent to service and manage the additional business being written
  • A competitive marketplace thriving on expansion
  • Our agency principal recruiters, Tom McDermott and Bill Wolfe, who leverage their extensive market knowledge, integrity, and authenticity to exceeding expectations when matching candidates to open positions
  • Bryan Krajeski who heads our Southern California team, and uses his insurance industry relationships and local knowledge to help candidates in Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange County and San Diego advance their careers and move forward financially and professionally 

What Jobs are the Hottest Right Now?

Account Managers, Account Executives and Producers.  Positions in account-servicing roles are highly in-demand! If you’re in an account-servicing role in Commercial Lines, Personal Lines/Private Client, or Employee Group Benefits, now is a great time to have an initial conversation with our team at McDermottWolfe.

What Does This Mean for Candidates?

Navigating your career can be difficult and, like most specialized situations, consulting a professional comes highly recommended and encouraged. Candidates, you owe it to yourself to work with an experienced insurance recruiter. Pair up with McDermottWolfe to have a conversation and talk about your experience and future goals.

Retail insurance brokerages in California are eager to find, hire, and retain the best of the best. It’s mission-critical that you’re able to clearly articulate your past and present career experience and the type of position and/or company that would really excite you. 

Why Consult McDermottWolfe for My Career?

Many of the positions where McDermottWolfe place candidates are non-advertised jobs. Using our recruiting firm opens positions that many candidates never even knew existed. These positions are created from years of relationships and our ability to go right to the hiring manager.  In addition most of our candidates need to be discreet when searching for a new position and having an insider that can help guide them through the process can be invaluable.

McDermottWolfe has its pulse on the California insurance brokerage market and knows how to help guide candidates seeking new positions and agencies hiring and onboarding new talent. We continue to look forward to serving the California insurance market through delivering outstanding candidates and in-depth conversations about hiring the right talent.

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McDermottWolfe are Insurance Search Specialists driven by delivering clients and candidates with outstanding results. Our commitment to your search emphasizes trust and creating lasting partnerships. Helping companies and candidates alike succeed proves this relationship-driven industry will continue to evolve by providing lasting value. With our nearly 50-years of combined insurance brokerage staffing expertise, we continue to be passionate about insurance, recruiting, and helping you.